JobCute Goes Live

Our newest venture here at DBV is sure to excite all sorts. JobCute is officially live to help you ring in the new year with offers of employment from across Thailand, and job posts in Thai as well. Happy Holidays, Happy New Year 2019, and Happy (Job) Hunting all you prospects out there.

2019: On the Horizon

Digital Broker Ventures has been hard at working adding features to our portfolio products, building out new products (hint: we know what works), and getting focused and prepared for the year ahead. Without a plan is no way to ring in the New Year, so we’d like to share our upcoming celebrations. Our newest brokerage…

BoatCrowd Marketplace Launched

BoatCrowd for Worldwide Yacht Charters and Boat Rentals is now live! Charter a catamaran in Thailand, rent a speed boat in Greece, and browse through British Virgin Islands sailing yacht charters and Croatian motor yacht rentals. The adventure of a lifetime on the water awaits.

Thaiger Android App Released

Today marks the official release of The Thaiger News for Android. The Thaiger News app offers news in English and Thai, Thai Lifestyle stories, Podcasts and live Radio. With WP-API calls rather than a standard webview, the app is fast, reliable and highly responsive across all devices.