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Find out more about DBV Group from the CEO and co-founder Michael Kenner in this recent interview with Tim Newton of Thaiger News.


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Integrating IndustriesUtilizing Centralized Resources

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Building Multiple BusinessesWith a Unique Technology Infrastructure

  • Intelligent InvestingOur team has a diverse background across both experiences and cultures. We know a good idea when we see it, and we also know just how to bring such an idea to life. With more than a decade of combined industry expertise we work quickly to select and implement the perfect software solution, and bring it to market in a variety of ways.
  • Driven by DataWhen developing a project, it's easy to go down a path that may end up hindering progress down the line. DB Ventures has learned avoid such pitfalls by grounding every decision in real data, sorted and presented uniquely for each particular project. Our team works in tandem to generate maximum reach across complementary markets.
  • Shared StructuresCentralized shared services will reduce resource requirements and costs for all projects, and provide DB Ventures the ability to explore not just new verticals and markets, but also new ways to bring Southeast Asian customers to a fully-featured brokerage ecosystem.

History of Digital Broker VenturesBuilt Locally. Executed Globally.

DB Ventures started from the ground-up in Phuket, Thailand. The founding team, experts in the local property markets diligently captured a variety of data points on every unit for sale in Phuket. Utilizing a research and test-driven approach combined with the latest in software and user-first design, the DBV team released their flagship real estate brokerage FazWaz, introducing a new class of property portal experience to the Southeast Asian market.

After getting the product out, DBV needed to get it out. Following a well-manicured ad campaign plus a systematic, ongoing approach to SEO and additional outreach efforts led DB Ventures to branch out organically into a local digital marketing firm, providing a foundational network with powerful symbiotic resource sharing opportunities.

Further iterations of the FazWaz brokerage include locally-targeted domains operating in seven additional countries across Southeast Asia and the Mid-East, as well as co-brandings and publishing partnerships which are currently offering eight unique versions of the platform to capture numerous consumer segments.

The technology platform which powers FazWaz was built with scalability in mind. The various platform extensions served the extra function of allowing DBV to polish the platform and prepare it for additional clients and their requisite brokerage needs. Currently DBV live brokerage platforms include BoatCrowd Yacht Charters and MyMediTravel Medical Tourism Bookings.

Diversification of one’s portfolio applies to more than simply finance. DB Ventures in concert with Thaiger Media Group acquired the Phuket Gazette newspaper and continues to publish all manner of Thailand News, with additional sections for Phuket and Thailand Classifieds Ads, Jobs, Restaurants, Events and a Q&A Forum. The publishing vertical comes with a variety of innate advantages applicable to each member of the DBV portfolio: powerful and relevant natural backlinks for both SEO and potential client clickthroughs, widely distributed press releases and review copy, and highly-specific segmented local audience targeting to name a few.

The Digital Broker Ventures motto is “Brokering the Future”. By continuing to identify and build out complementary digital brokerage opportunities in emerging markets, DBV is able to grow the entire portfolio in concert and provide a leading digital classifieds ecosystem across Southeast Asia and the world.