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What we work onProven methodology

Our focus and mission

Digital Broker Ventures is a tight-knit group who have been working diligently to bring cutting-edge technology and innovation to emerging markets whose key players have been lagging behind due to a lack of serious competition.

Our team is motivated to build products which fulfill desperately-needed competition. We do so not just for the excitement and opportunity it provides, but because we want regular people to have better choices when it comes to their digital offerings.

We have experience with investors and VC firms, and we strive to be different, to be better. Our team’s unique background and skillsets provide us with the opportunity to be highly involved in every project we invest in. Your idea is as important to us as it is to you, and our expertise in building to-market digital products means we can help you with every aspect of the build process.

When we say we are excited about your product, we mean it. When we aren’t, or when we disagree with the best path forward, we will let you know, and work with your team to make sure every piece is being built in an integrative fashion. The phrase ‘Work smarter, not harder’ is a guiding principle for our group. A robust plan with consistent, regular reevaluations ensures we don’t waste time on flashy concepts that sound impressive but won’t deliver.

Our approachHow we work

Significant technological and business model innovations

Our team is well-versed in the world of startups. We have worked on dozens of projects, and helped bring inventive ideas to the forefront of their respective markets. With a strong programming background, plus experience with building businesses from the ground-up, as well as exceptionally-targeted marketing campaigns, Digital Broker Ventures is the first and only group you need to bring your idea to life.

We got our start in the emerging property market in Phuket, Thailand. Shortly after our arrival, we found shopping around for real estate was not as simple as it should be – dozens of small firms which were primarily utilizing the old model of displaying just a few nice properties online, and relying on direct agent contact for the majority of the browsing & purchasing process.

Our team quickly realized the vast potential for growth in this sector. Over the course of a few years, across multiple iterations, we were able to develop a robust digital property marketplace. In doing so, we vastly increased customer choice, acquisition and engagement while also cutting costs and acutely improving efficiency with workflow automation.

The lessons we’ve learned throughout this process are paramount to any business looking to thrive in such a market. We can help bring you to the finish line in record time, while avoiding the pitfalls and stumbles that only authentic experience can provide.

As you build out from planning to design to prototype to product, it’s easy to succumb to tunnel vision on the way to arbitrarily-chosen checkpoints, and miss out on significant opportunities based on lessons learned along the way. Our team are strong believers in agile methodology; while we are highly motivated to get your product to market as quickly as possible, we also understand the importance of reevaluating our build process at every step to integrate any new technological solutions or local knowledge gleaned along the way.