The Digital Broker Ventures team are not just looking to invest. We employ our myriad skillset to help bring amazing and exciting new products to market.

VisionFocus, organization and accountability blend with a background in finance, real estate and technology to help our leadership see further than most.

Michael Kenner

Chief Executive OfficerExperience in trading and investment banking, entrepreneur & founder of LivePhuket, AsiaVillas, FazWaz Property

BrokeringKnowing how to make a deal is more than just compromise. It requires a keen perception of relationships and the ability to contemplate a multitude of variables.

Paul Trayman

Co-Founder & Investor8 years experience as a broker & entrepreneur, instrumental in the success of 5 powerful startups

Brennan Campbell

Co-Founder & Investor10 years international sales and real estate experience, marketing & business development expertise

DevelopmentWe provide investment with an affinity for the building process. Our team can help select the right technology and help build your project to exact specifications.

Prapond SaeChua

Chief Technology Officer10 years experience in server management & developing web applications utilizing a variety of software implementations.

Eugen Pauls

Chief Operating Officer9 years experience in big data collection & analysis, in charge of Product & Team Management

Thanachot Sanit

Director of Projects8 years experience in software design, projects planning through implementation & support.

MarketingAs important as the finished product is, being able to present that product optimally to not just the most customers, but the right ones is paramount. We've got you covered.

Darren Lyons

Chief Marketing Officer7 years of experience working in technology roles across London and Singapore for a leading Investment Bank, before venturing into the world of digital marketing.

DataProper collection and analysis of data is paramount; it means the difference between flying blind and being able to map out the exact path to reaching your goal.

Paulie Webster

Chief Digital Officer8 years experience in big data, web design & development, online digital marketing and SEO best practices, in-time automation logistics as well as product management for a holistic integration inter- and intra-vertical.