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FazWaz is the flagship product we helped develop in concert with FazWaz Group. It is a data-driven property portal focused on generating quality leads and quick expansion into new and emerging markets.

Originally started as LivePhuket in 2013, the team behind FazWaz Group has been working to integrate the latest technology and build a property platform that will serve all of Southeast Asia and beyond. LivePhuket focused primarily on real estate for sale and for rent in Phuket, Thailand. In 2014, we launched an updated brand, AsiaVillas to expand to the popular tourist markets of Pattaya and Koh Samui. In 2015, we applied what we learned and built the first version of FazWaz, with a proper SEO structure and the goal of listing every property and development project in Thailand. Continued brand expansion occurred later with 108Siam, BaanCoin, SamuiTimes, KaiBaanThai, Property Hua-Hin, Buy Phuket Property, Buy Thailand Property, Zeus Capital, PropertyScout, Nestoria, Nuroa, and Homes-Thailand, amongst others.

By 2016, we met that goal yet still weren’t satisfied. The successes garnered led us to a complete platform rebuild with the aims of new SEO-friendly landing pages targeting every property type and location in Thailand, feeding-out to other platforms for additional exposure, plus the ability to expand to new countries or open new brands/licensees within days. FazWaz version 2.0 was launched in 2017, and has been exceeding expectations with regards to impressions, clicks, and both number and quality of leads. FazWaz version 3.0 was launched in September 2019, designed to put a client in contact with the right agent about the right property as quickly as possible – read more about the latest updates here.

FazWaz Group is currently operating and offering services in Thailand in 7 languages [EN/FR/DE/ES/RU/CN/TH] and available in the UAE and more than 20 additional countries around the globe. Progress continues as we automate additional processes to keep the personnel team efficient and effective. Additional projects include:

  • FazWaz Property News allows for the market data created by the system to be analyzed in order to generate real, relevant articles that not only garner new readership via SEO, but allow unique partnerships with the likes of The Thaiger Property News
  • FazWaz Advice provides a one-of-a-kind experience where clients can find specific local knowledge about the property transaction experience in Thailand



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